3 March 2011

I hate buying tickets!

Don't you just hate it when you have your heart set on seeing your favourite artist in concert, you wake up early to sit at the computer and your best friend's on the phone on standby just in case you have to call the ticket office and then come 1 min after the tickets go on sale and they're SOLD OUT! You're like but really?! Sometimes getting tickets is a task in vain especially these days with pre-sales! *Damn you, 02!* This morning I was having this experience buying Trey songz tickets but finally we got them! Thank you Jesus! But I realised that when it comes to buying tickets there's not many sites out there. It has come to my attention though that there are sites like stereoboard.com that find cheap tickets for you so that you don't have to search the internet or worse buy tickets from a tout! Here's their lastest viral video showing that buying tickets from touts is not the way forward! So next time time if this happens remember this site! And even though the tickets may be a bit more than the original price, trust me it's worth it! Especially if it means you will be missing out on an experience like this! O God, please make April hurry up! Diva xoxo


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