21 March 2011

Day 7: I give up...GIVING UP *Helping out more around the house*

I know I am not the best child in the world when it comes with helping out around in the house. So it's no surprise to me that my mum is always having a go at me.
Since starting the 9 to 5 routine, I've become even lazier when it comes to helping out at home; i.e. when I get home I'm too tired to rustle up anything in the kitchen for my younger siblings to eat (secretly waiting on mum to come home to do that) which ain't fair at all. If anything, she's probably be a little more tired than me.
So I've decided to chuck away my lazy side (& quick and easy food) and start helping out more in the house by cooking some more.... from scratch! :D
Today... I made some Curry Goat with Rice and Peas - Yum!
Sorry no photo of the end product...
I was so hungry I ate all the food before I realised I forgotten to take a pic, However it looked a little something like this...
Happy Monday!


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