6 March 2011

Our 30 day challenge to.... perfect skin!

Of late, the girls and I have realised that that our skin is not in the best of conditions. All of us have been looking back at our portugal pictures where our skin was clear, bright and glowing! *Sigh, those were good days!* But thanks to this oh so lovely weather here in the UK (and yes I'm being sarcastic) we look less like that and more grey, exactly like the weather! That's how you know black people aren't meant to be in cold conditions lol. This is the reason we have decided for 30 days to focus on our skin, cos we haven't been paying it the full attention that it needs. So over this period of time we'll be posting tips that we find and use so you can join us too if you would like too. So here goes.... This is my skin now.... =S and hopefully it will look how it did back in Portugal in 30 days time =) Diva xoxo


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