13 March 2011

Day 4. I give up...GIVING UP *Make someone's day*

We as beings can some times be very selfish and not altruistic.
It doesn't take much to make someones day. Something as simple as a smiling to a stranger can do wonders and have an effect on that persons day... maybe even their life.
Just the other day, I got a email from a client expressing how much he values the work I did on his case (however small it was) and that he will never forget that.
Not only did it make me proud to think that my work has that kind of effect on people, it also made me think about how I can incorporate this in my daily life.
Making someone smile and brightening up their day is the most generous thing anyone can do as this can have a ripple affect on them.
side note: It's also healthy!!!
"If you smile at someone and make them smile you are actively causing chemicals to be released in to your body that battle stress and cause feelings of joy."
So today and every other day I give up my selfish needs and wants in order to give you the gift of my smile and make your day!
Happy Sunday


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