4 March 2011

Queen Beyonce takes it back to Naija

The Queen is back..... and she's rocking a Gele. There's a lot of controversy over her 'blacking up' but to be honest the Queen can't win, she's either to pale or to dark. As far as I'm concerned she's got a good tan.
But what I'm more concerned with is the fact thats shes rocking a Gele and MY Lanvin dress.

Beautiful....isn't it....le sigh 
(note: I am not going to spend stupid amounts on a dress because of its brand but I will be doing a budget DIY version soon)

The Gele is a must in Nigerian high fashion and denotes status, so the bigger it is the better. And her royal highness is doing it big. Its usually made out of stiff fabric so it maintains it's shape.

This video demonstrates how to tie a Gele but their are numerous styles depending on regions, current fashions and status.

I frikking love this editorial of B... i might just have to go and fish out my Iro and Buba.


**OnYxStA** said...

I do loves me some Queen Bea action but with all that drama that surrounded this shoot and the 'black face' shots, I'm not a big loved of this editorial and the decisions made.

Xisses, Onyxsta


Promise said...

Drama aside I do think she looks gorgeous...x


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