18 March 2011

Our 30 day skin challenge: Aspirin face masks

Perfect skin in a bottle: all due to a little white pill!
Since our hunt for perfect skin, I have been using aspirin A LOT. Not as medication but as a face mask. Aspirin is really the bees knees! I have used it with lemon juice, yogurt and with lemon, yogurt and honey. I have been creative lol. Since I have been using it I have realised my spots have reduced in size and my skin is soo soft, that when I wear makeup it sits on a lot better. When I say I have been using it a lot though, I mean every other day because apparently if you use it too much, you'll no longer see it's effects. I would definitely recommend it, I even have my brother using it to treat his acne and it's only 19p at Tesco! I don't know what more I could say to convince you...JUST TRY IT! Diva xoxx


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