14 March 2011

Day 5. I give up giving up * Appreciate my skills*

I am in essence a Jackie of all trades.... need you hair did? Your nails did? (Everything did lol) or do you need your wedding planned? Or a brand new one of a kind outfit? Or do you at just want a favour? To often I dish these skills out for free and I don't mind but too often the favour is not returned. Being a firm believer in giving for the sake of giving but on my lenten journey, I've been reading the Zahir by Paulo Coelho and have come across the idea of the favour bank. The idea is that you selectively give out favours safe in the knowledge that one day your favour will be returned. Although this may seem selfish to some I believe that its fair and by placing value on my skills I give my self permission to feel appreciated and gain a sense of value. So I hereby give up giving up appreciating my skills


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