26 March 2011

The Secret!

Yesterday we resumed our 'Secret meetings" with our good friend, Rosa. Our secret meetings are based on the book "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne, where you use the law of attraction to attract good things into your life. It's a great book and if you use it correctly, you could essentially achieve all you want to achieve! We have these meetings to talk about the book and what we want to achieve in our lives.
Yesterday's theme was forgiveness: how we need forgive others in order to move on! Because sometimes we think we have forgiven someone and then when you least expect e.g randomly bumping into that person all those feelings come flooding back, and you realise you haven't quite got over it! It's good to forgive because at the end of the day, the space you are using in your brain to remember these things could be put to something better and if you don't forgive whatever it is, it's essentially controlling you but you just haven't realised!
The second theme was urgency: how we have to make life a state of urgency! We are all guilty of thinking that "Oh it's ok if I don't do this today, there's always tommorrow" but how do you know of there is a tomorrow! We need to make things urgent and stop taking time for granted! We all know that if there's a deadline we are likely to do whatever it straightaway! So we should do the same with our lives. I love our meetings because they really make you think! All I know is that is I have a lot to achieve and I can't afford to let anything hold me back! Therefore I need to stop sleeping (literally), wake up and getting going!
I saw this badge yesterday too and I just LOVE IT! I need it in my life:
Diva xoxo


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