8 March 2011

Lenten promises

Today is Shrove Tuesday and that means from tomorrow, Ash Wednesday, we begin the season of Lent. For 40 days and 40 nights we traditionally "give up" something or "take something up". We do this because Jesus Christ spent 40 days in the wilderness fasting, praying and preparing Himself to carry out his purpose for which He had come to earth, to save mankind by sacrificing Himself. We give up things because Jesus Christ gave Himself up completely for us, and then rose again in 3 days. Therefore Lent is a time of forming a closer relationship with God, prayer and reflection so that when Easter Sunday arrives we are reborn just like Jesus.
This year, the girls and I have decided to do a Lenten promise together. We have decided we are going to give up.....GIVING UP! I know you're probably thinking "Huh?!" but hear us out! I got this idea from Jameela Jamil who writes a column for Company magazine, who last year did a similar Lenten promise. The whole idea is to do things that we having been meaning to do but haven't for whatever reason e.g. time, money, scared what others will think if we do etc etc. But we have to realise life is a blessing and too short for us to spend unhappy and not fufilling our purpose and so this is the reason we have decided to do this.
So for the next 40 days we are going to be doing things that will make us feel fufilled, no matter how silly as long as it make us happy and along this journey we will be reflecting as well. The list includes things we want to achieve individually or as a group. So here is our list so far... 1) Let it all out 2) Be bold! 3) Wear that risque dress 4) Get that tattoo 5) Get that piercing 6) Give blood 7) Go Charity shop shopping 8) Believe in myself 9) Wear glittery eyeshadow on a rainy tuesday 10) Appreciate our mothers more 11) Experiment with our looks 12) Speed dating 13) Live in the moment! 14) Take risks! 15) Blag it 16) Appreciate my skills 17) Signing up for that Dj class 18 Try out that new dance class/club 19) Be grateful 20) Love thyself 21) Love your neighbours 22)Accept my weakness 23) Accept my strengths 24) Accept my past 25) Embracing my future 26) Make time for myself 27) Learn to do something new 28) Make do with what I have 29) Help out more around the house. We also want you guys to join us on our journey and if you have any suggestions, you can comment below and tells us. So here's to our Lenten journey. Diva xoxo


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