10 March 2011

Day 2. I give up... GIVING UP! *Visualise my goals*

I use to be addicted to lists and life plans! I don't know whether it was the idea of simplifying life or whether it was that satisfaction buzz you get when you can cross off a completed item on your list (is that just me?).. either way it got to a point when I realised that life is unpredictable and what YOU make it. It's about what you love, not what somebody else told you it should be and that's why I love life! I spent today (in between working of course) visualising exactly what I wanted to give and gain from life.

'What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve!'

One of my goals is to travel, work in Brazil and teach English to vulnerable, unprivileged children. I imagined feeling that sunshine hit my face as I stepped off the plane. I saw the children's smiling faces, myself standing at the front of the class introducing the lesson and my friends ordering the 2nd round of Caipirinhas later on that day!..

Another goal is to have 4 beautiful children (that does not necessarily mean I will be pushing out a baby 4 times by the way, im not crazy!) I just imagined the girls performing their latest living room concert, the boys play fighting in the background and their father kissing them goodnight. When visualising this goal, timing was not important - believing and being thankful that they are on their way into my life is enough.

I visualised the rest of my goals in the same way and rather than writing a life plan I just wrote what I will be grateful for in 5 years time. Can you believe that I only had £50 in the bank when I reserved 2 plane seats to the Caribbean for me and my mum and what an amazing trip it turned out to be! Ditch those lists ladies, see what you want and live each moment with that goal in mind.

I have promised myself that I will continue to keep my dreams alive... I hereby give up giving up visualising my goals!


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