9 March 2011

Day 1. I give up...GIVING UP! *Let it all out*

I find that to often I bite my tongue. I'll let it slide. I talk about it the next time. I won't let it bother me. Who am I to point out the issue. Who am I....... Acknowledging that I am someone with valid thoughts and feelings also means regulating. Knowing what I will and won't accept. And speaking my truth. To often we let shit go, you know those snide little comments, but we walk around for the next day/week/ month trying to analyse what has been said or make ourselves feel better, while that person goes on with their merry lives. So rather than holding on to this burden I've vowed to let it go, by any means possible, whether I have to confront them or forgive them. So I hereby give up giving up letting it all out and letting it go.......


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