3 March 2011

Two can play that game!

Over the weekend Xuna introduced me the the film "Two can play that game". We couldn't understand why after all this time she had failed to mention this film before and give it bible status lol. Anyways the film is about the rules of dating and is hilarious cos you realise that you have at one point or another tried one of these rules such as missing his calls and trying to make him jealous. The film does give some good advice about dating though and I couldn't get enough that I watched "Three can play that game" straightaway! Actually I tried one of the tips from "The 5 step plan" which was to submit! Now I have quite a big ego so I thought this would be hard to do but I was surprised it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be! I will explain the situation: currently I have been going through a tug-of-war with a potential boo! He said he'll call me, he doesn't, the usual shit so I decided to submit and was like I'm really sorry I have been busy and haven't had the chance to talk to you but hopefully we shall speak soon *smiley face* (you have to add the smiley face for effect lol). And of course he texted me back quicktime and said how it was his fault too and the next couple days he kept calling me but I missed his calls of course lol. As the film says two can play that game!


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