25 March 2011

Day 11: I give up... GIVING UP *Get that tattoo*

So, it's almost a year that I have been thinking about whether or not I should get tattooed up... and finally the day came that I braved myself and just went ahead with it!
Last week, me and Bella went into to book my session, and managed to get a great deal out of it! hahah talk about blaggin' it.
Sometimes over-thinking can be helpful when it pushes you to take action and solve a problem. But if you are preoccupied with the “what ifs” and worst-case scenarios, your worry becomes a problem of its own. Doubts and fears are paralysing where by you get nowhere in life and end up going around in circles.
I tend to over-think a lot, and I can really and truly say that some of the things in my life which I haven't accomplished/done is due to my over thinking. It's really not about ''what ifs''.... More about JUST DO IT / DEAL WITH IT!
So here goes.... I give up... giving up just doing it... Get that tattoo lol (if that makes any sense at all)


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