15 May 2010

The Cure for A-sexuality

I am seriously beginning to think I should resign my life to a lonely, single existence or nun-hood, I keep thinking that I am not in a place to look for a significant other, because I can't be bothered for all the courting (yeh I said courting) and the getting to know each other. But everytime I see pictures like this my Cleo twitches ( that's another post for another time).
mmmmmmmhhhhhhh chocolate
and is this not the most perfect looking muthafooker you've ever seen?? He's just too pretty!


xTuna Fishx said...

yummy.... chocolate!

me :D said...

hes goooorgeous...mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Diva's In The City said...

Trey songz! SNM!

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