11 May 2010

Lets de-clutter :)

Today I spent the morning, tidying my wardrobe (to make room for more clothes) and de-cluttering my desk- packing up all that university junk!! In the afternoon I heard some sad news and it got me thinking if I were to disappear tomorrow how would I be remembered?? Its not really about what you've done but how you did it that determines who you are. What's that saying... 'no one wishes they spent more time in the office,' so in the evening I began to de-clutter my mind too... forget all my little worries and re-focus on my dreams and the steps I'm taking to get there. After all that I needed a break so I switched on the tv to be entertained but noooo all I got was 'breaking political news' (I wont bore you with all the details). Politics is important but not when it gets in the way of Eastenders! Lol. So i flicked through the channels for something else to make me laugh and came across Drop Dead Diva... ...took me a while to like the series but I am now a fan! Maybe I'm a bit emotional today but this episode touched my heart lol. It just summed things up.... at the end of the day - what ever it is.. work or relationships- just go for it and believe you can achieve it!


xTuna Fishx said...

I second you on that homie! ;)

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