18 May 2010

Monday Nonsense!

It's times like this I wish I didn't have this much time on my hands.... Meh! I need structure and some sort of routine in my life or I will end up doing nonsense like this:
It really needs to stop lol. My main task today was to find some bikinis for Portugal while catching up with my beautiful yet special friends, but instead ended up getting distracted. meh!
I had a few issues finding the right bikinis....
I need sexy, hott, pretty, bright Bikini sets which give me good support, yet all these high street stores never cater for people like me - Big boobied girls with small waists! arrrrrrrrgggghhh
It's like the bigger they are... the FUGLIER they get (i.e. thick straps)
I swear.. no one understands how hard it is! I mean... My boobies are too big for my size which makes it hard for me to wear certain pretty tops- I'm even considering a breast reduction.
I saw this little pretty denim bra-let which I NEED... but the boobie cups wouldn't even fit my boobies in them... and getting a big size will mean that it would be too big on the waist!
Night night amigas!


Jonesy said...

Nice photos. I also like that top. Cute! Denim is in.

Nice blog post : ) following your blog ... have you had a chance to follow mine and check out my new post? Would love for you to stop by when you are free.


Hope to see you there!

Diva's In The City said...

I wish i had free time to be jobless! ='(. So jealous!

burcu d. said...

great pics, you look so sweet. everyone needs now and then days which are filled with nonsense. looks like a funny day!

take care sweetie! great blog!

Xuna said...

thanks girls!
I really am embracing my free time :D

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