21 May 2010


I am only just recovering from my hectic day yesterday.
I was running around like a headless chicken all day running errands and trying to sort out last minute stuff for my bros confirmation. The night was cool, we just had a small gathering with some of my aunts and cousins over.
My morning started off by going out to buy some stuff... I didn't realise how heavy it was gonna be.. so I was forced to buy a granny-waggon!.... ohhhhh noo... but I kinda bonded with mine... I have even named her... *Rosey!
I think I'd make a very chic Granny one day! lol
The weather is lookin' real nice this weekend however, apart from dinner, hosted by my friend and her boyfriend... I have nada planned! Boooo!
Hunting for 'that' job and the whole application process is really not easy... but hopefully I will get lucky. Trying to stay positive!
So right now I am taking advantage of the free time I have and using it constructively and focusing on my other ish such as me and ma mami's online store... speaking of which, I need to book 2 tickets to Paris next week.
I'm no fan of the gym... but I figured, if I want a stomach like this:
I have to do some sort of work out plan for the next 4 weeks... so I have found one....
and I can do it in my kitchen! woooooo hoooo!
Beach body... HERE I COME!!!


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