16 May 2010

Young at heart!

DELIVERY FROM ALDO.... Took my girl her new gladiator sandals the other day... aren't they beautiful!

And we managed to squeeze in some sillyness at the park!!! They say that the older you get, the more you begin to appreciate the outdoors... because you realise that your days to do that are limited. BUT I think that the older we get the more we grab onto our childhood, the simple things in life- like running around in the park and so we should :D

Afterwards I went to run some errands and found myself in town window shopping ...again! As much as I love the fresh air- I cant keep away from the luxuries of the city. I've concluded that my area reflects me... a city girl with suburb influence. The style I go for has the harshness and glam of the city but is toned down (countryfied) with 'just got out of bed hair' and oversized tshirts.
Thought I should put this to the test and turns out I was right. I'm a town girl- in between!
Are you a city , town, country girl? test it out with this quiz .... :D
Are You a Country or City Girl?
Your Result: Town Girl

So you're not exactly a country girl, but not a city girl either. Sure, you like the excitement of cities, but the noise, pollution, and crimes aren't exactly perfect. And country life is not a piece of pie, either. Farm work, caring for pets, seasonal allergies, and different things other people enjoy. So what are you if you're not a city or country girl? A town girl! Still has the hustle-and-bustle of cities, the serenity of the country, but without unpleasant add-ons. Rock it, town girl!

City Girl!
Country Girl!
Are You a Country or City Girl? Quiz Created on GoToQuiz
http://www.gotoquiz.com/are_you_a_country_or_city_girl Thinking about getting a bicycle ... looks like i can still rock my country side in the city ...


Xuna said...

We can never let go of our inner child!
Mine shall remain for as long as I live!
Country Girl!!! lol

Diva's In The City said...

They should make adult parks! lol

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