7 May 2010

Well I guess Uni is over>?!

£28413.15 of debt arrived on my door step this morning!!!
Yes you guessed right.... my annual student loan statement... aka: the bill for 3 years of higher education! Its times like these you think why the hell did I bother going?!
University opens a lot of doors for your future but when another billion people have the same doors open for them too it doesn't make life that much easier. However I'm proud I've got through it and plan to make the most of it.. probably in a similar way to how an erotic dancer makes the most out of her talent. Standing out is key.. for me further training and some worldwide travel for that unique experience.
Soooooooo the job hunt is on, I figured its quite easy to get an interview - just show off, milk your skills like the cow is obese and on the interview ooze confidence whether its fake or not!
And if all else fails ... migrate to Mexico where the student loan people will never find you ;-)
on a happier note.... I just this second got a phone call .. I have an interview next week! woooo- time to celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


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