23 May 2010

Counting down the days!

The sun really came out to play yesterday ... 25 degrees well above the UK average for May. Wooohooo! what to wear to stroll to work in? Hmmm... I opened my wardrobe and was horrified to find I had NO SUMMER CLOTHES!! Ok that was a little dramatic- I managed to find this mini dress and racer vest ...

BUT I am in serious need of a shopping trip, its been waaayy too long and so have arranged an afternoon devoted to shopping with the girls on Friday- PAY DAY!!! I'm counting down the days!
My shopping essentials:
Friday is also the day the new Sex and the City 2 movie hits the cinema and of course we have already got our tickets lol. Not sure what I'm more excited about, shopping for holiday (24 days to go!) or watching the movie :D I'll be back again with what I bought and my thoughts on the movie... Tchau!!


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