17 May 2010

Viagem em Junho...


In about 4 week’s time, we will be on holiday in sunny Lisbon, Portugal! Ohhhhh I can’t wait! I need this sun!

I’ve already have some tracks to chillax to em Lisboa:

MusicPlaylist Music Playlist at MixPod.com

awwww, the beaches, the bars/clubs, the food, the wine, the caprihana's, the scenery, the music, my girls.... I can go on...

Unlike you Stacey.... I am a through and through City gal! Anything green does not sit well with me :s

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Town Girl
Country Girl!
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Lady Me said...

Amo a "One Love" da Sara Tavares... Faz-me lembrar mesmo Lisboa :) Adoro sobretudo a mistura de português, inglês e crioulo :)

Enjoy your travel!

Xuna said...

Obrigada Fofinha!

Adoro Sara Tavares tambem!:D
'One Love'e lindo.

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