10 May 2010

Monday Morning Delight!

Woke up in an exceptional good mood this morning, no idea why, maybe it was the idea that I was proud of the fact that me and stacey was able to devour a 20" pizza last night in Mulberry Street ''New York'' with a little help from aggie. (The waitress, told us usually two big men are able to eat all that no problem!) lol
But I'm embracing it!
Back to this morning...
Made my routine cup of green tea with some fruits on the side, and started munching away as I jot down in my agenda the days I am volunteering and assessed my career values (a little something Stacey sent me to to assess which jobs suit me in terms of what's important to me in a job and what kind of decision maker I am).
So, in the mean time... I am volunteering, and being my mums PA. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
My mission today... type up mummy's report for work than run a few errands! Looks like its gonna be a fun day, ey?!


Caro said...

I like your pictures...:)

xTuna Fishx said...

Thank you :)

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