7 May 2010

Finding a date...

So... I realised what it is that I have been doing all this time and why it is I have been attracting all the wrong guys. I've some how always known the saying ''treat 'em mean... keep 'em keen''. But I didn't know it worked in such full force! It wasn't until I read an article in the new copy of cosmopolitan - 'What men find irresistible about you!' and analysed my past relationships/encounters that I realised why I have had the wrong dudes falling for me.
Qualities that make a man fall head over heels for you:
  1. IGNORE HIM! - all the guys that have 'fallen' for me, I didn't/hardly payed much attention to. Same with your shoes, the ones that you don't like much, you ignore and leave it at the back of your cupboard. Sorry... only thing is with men, when you ignore them, you become slightly out of reach. ''Men are biologically hardwired to be competitive. They need to feel like THEY are making the choice to be with you and the working towards winning you over''. So, really, they thought I was playing hard-to-get with them.... Sorry....
  2. BE COMFORTABLE IN YOUR OWN SKIN! - Like most people (I'd like to assume), I tend to be more comfortable and body confident around people I am less attracted to, purely because I feel I do not have to impress anyone and I am just being myself, comfortable in my own skin. Men can tell if you are not confident and comfortable with your body, which is a slight turn off. ''Men associate a woman's confidence and sensuality movements with bedroom confidence and sesuality. So, this plus point No.1 = Lust lol
  3. SHOW OFF YOUR PLAYFUL SIDE! - Anyone who knows me will know that I am not a serious person. I'm very humorous, love jokes and always sees the funny side of things. I mean, I would choose a funny man over a gorgeous serious man anyday! ''A playful attitude shows you have a sense of humor and, men assume that any woman who laughs easily are easier to handle.'' I am very carefree and humorous with people that I am comfortable with. People I am attracted to, I tend to be too self aware and sometimes freeze! Oooooops!

So........ in conclusion... if I go by what Cosmopolitan says, I am attracting the wrong guys! because if I want to get 'that' guy... I have to play by the rules and follow steps 1-3, which would not really be me, as I would be self analysing myself constantly as I wouldn't be ignoring the guy that I really like, or be constantly oozing with confidence (because I would constantly be checking myself for any faults), and even being banterful (is that even a word?!) because, I'd be afraid if he wanted a more mature woman, or he might not find my jokes funny, or I might just be too damn nervous around him..... or not....??? I don't know.

I just need to be able to find a decent guy that I would be able to bring as my date for a scheduled rooftop dinner party. Someone I can feel comfortable around and talk to (vice versa), as well as talk to my friends and the others there..... hmmmmmm I have 5 weeks...

Where to look??? where do I even start?!??!


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