14 May 2010

Congrats Wifey!

I don't know if I'm feeling real emotional right now but... I'm just soooo happy my wifey Stace has landed her first grad Job! I feel like my baby is taking her first steps! baahaha
Well Done AND Congrats for the 100th time!!!
We had a little celebratory walk down the canal in Kings Cross (Aggie has being dying to take us for ages lol) but It was pweetiful.
Theres something about Travis Maccoy that makes me want to do 'naughty things' things to him!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrowl! lol
This is for you Stace...
Love you...


me :D said...

THANK YOU BABY!xoxoxoxoxoxoxox
the future's bright the futures orange... ;-) and yes travis = hott !

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