12 May 2010

Lets Talk Politics

Nick Clegg with David Cameron
Thought I'd quickly post on politics. Never really went into the whole election scene last week, but after the Conservative won (although not winning the majority) I was not feeling very optimistic with the results.
However, when Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats) offered to join in collision with the Conservative I was not very sure and confident with his decision in the matter and thought he was just being desperate.
Yet, after Cameron was appointed Prime Minister last night, this mornings breaking news was that Nick Clegg is the official Deputy Head Prime Minister and got 15% of the cabinet members. Sorry, that is fun-fuckin-fabulous considering they did not do too well in the results of the election. Cleggs decision in coalition has worked out for the best in the end.
Why am I happy... I'm a lib dem supporter, and after coming out at the bottom during the election last week, things weren't looking too good. Now the Liberal Democrats have their foot in the door!
Now the question is, How will they govern together in terms of their similar yet different policies????
Hope this new marriage of convenience works out?!
Off to my driving lesson and then work! Meh!


boo! coco said...

I am not amused.... someone told me if i vote for lib dem i'd go to bed with clegg and wake up with cameron DANGIT!!

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