8 May 2010

My Favourite Things This Month...

I'm Lovin'....
  1. My new Magenta Magic Rimmel London polish! (Im tring to channel the girly girl in me this summer :))
and my Green with envy! ;)
2. My baby BELLA*!!!!!!
For the longest I refused to purchase a Blackberry, purely for the fact that everyone has one and that you are soooooo easily accessible on it. But I gave in and ended up falling in love with mine that I have even named her Bella*. We do everything together and I plan to by her an outfit for every occasion to match mine! :D
3. Florals!
I'm lovin' florals mucho and I'm scared I'm going to have an obsession. Latest to my collection is my New 'SKORT' from La River Island
4. My wedges from Bershka..... My new foot babies ;)
4. Finger Decorations...aka Rings.
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I don't like and wear much earrings, which tends to make me look a lil' plain some times. So recently, I've been trying to make a statement with my ring collection and also try and add a lil ooOMmf to my girly outfits as I don't want to be too much of a girl! lol
My new finger-Babies
ASOS Oversized Metal Snake RingStretch Butterfly Ring
Sparkle RingASOS Set Stone Alligator Ring
I Want!
ASOS Triple Finger Metal Eagle Ring
5. Stripes... never was a fan...but now.... :)
6. Lastly... My Sex and the City Box set
Yes, I'm obsessed. Leave me. I love SATC!


Nathalie said...

I agree to everything in this post :) And so cute you named your Blackberry Bella :)

xTuna Fishx said...

good to see I'm not alone! :)
Bella says Hi! ;)

Lady Me said...

So cute! I love all! But my favorite was shorts and shoes :)

Fashion Rehab said...

Love the post, and I know what you mean about the blackberry. I have friends that have it and they are really attached to it. nice boots and shorts. :)

boo! coco said...

blackberries are the devils work

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