3 April 2012

30 Days of DIY and Semi - Fail

So as part of my 180 in 180 challenge, I commited myself to do more DIY's and I thought I'd share it with you guys by doing a 30 days of DIY challenge. So firstly here's a little disclaimer: All DIY's are done by my poor hands, but I've been doing them since january, but April was the first month with 30 days (i like round numbers), so don't think that I'm doing them everyday. And I have a buttload of old Ankara so a large percentage of my DIY's will be made from Ankara. I'm also going to be doing a little Giveaway at the end of the 30 days so stay tuned. Any videos I post are my own work so please don't judge me on my poor video editing skills. And please excuse my chipped nails and busted and bruised fingers. 

So now I'm done with my disclaimer. I hope you guys enjoy.

So I got these two maxi skirts which were originally from Primark, costing 16quid a piece for only 2 quid each at a local market both brand new and undamaged. I think I was so excited from the cheap find that I forgot to actually take a good look at them until my mum asked ' Why did you buy those, they're ugly' and boy was she right. The pleats kind of bunched up at the back to make it look like I had some huge disfigured booty and the length was all wrong.

So i decided to make it one of my projects. I decided I would make it an asymmetrical hemline.

I firstly measured how long the under skirt needed to be then whacked that off.

Now the thing with pleats is that you can just go mad with the scissors you actually need to keep them even. so after measuring where I wanted the shortest part of the hem to hit, using some sellotape I taped from that point at an angle to the point where I wanted it to stop (in hindsight i could have gone alot lower with the longer part of the hem) I made sure to bunch all the pleats together in a uniform fashion. Then proceeded to snip snip snip.

Now is was exactly 0.2 seconds after the last snip that realized that it was way shorter than i anticipated (i didn't  leave enough room for my thighs and semi-ass). But I decided to continue and began to hem the bottom the lazy girls way with a lighter, which I passed lightly and quickly over the edge.

I don't have any final Pics for it because I had to leave as soon as I finished it. But hopefully I'll do an OOTD with my faux asymmetrical skirt soon and i still have the pink one to play with. And I haven't thrown any of the cut-offs away, they are going to come in handy a lil later. (And for some reason blogger won't rotate some of my pics)

Til next time


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