30 March 2012

New Naturals Essential Starter Kit: Tools of the trade

 So Txuna and Superwoman are starting out on their journey to natural hair and I was in the process of making a folder containing all the essentials tools, tips and resources they would need on their journey when I thought I might as well share it with you guys to help out, even if you've been natural for a while or are relaxed there is still a wealth of information that you may find useful. 

So lets begin with essential tools. I am a low maintenance kinda girl on a tight budget so for most items don't cost over a fiver. And you can still get good quality items at low prices. Its about being smart and taking notice of what your hair likes and responds to and what is an absolute no no.

So lets start off with the basic tools you will need. These are all products I use, day to day week to week or month to month.
 These are my styling products a light gel, and Aloe Vera gel which acts like a sealant and helps balance out the Ph of some of the other products I use.
 Conditioners, THESE ARE YOUR FRIENDS. I suggest trying multiple ones to keep your hair guessing. I have at least 5 always in rotation and separate 'cheapie' conditioners just for my co-washes. Look for moisture and protein, your hair needs a balance of these things to be at its best, but different strokes for different folks so definitely pay attention to how your hair reacts to protein and to moisture.
 Shampoo. Okay as you can see this is quite old and that's because I only shampoo like once a month and I water it way down, as it can be really drying. I know quite a few folks who don't use shampoo at all but will opt for bentonite clay cleanses, bicarbonate scalp scrubs, MUD washes or Ayurveda methods of cleansing. However until you are comfortable enough with different practise's i suggest pre-pooing (a method of oiling or conditioning your hair prior to washing to reduce the harsh stripping affects of the shampoos) and then a normal shampoo.

Wide tooth shower comb, rat tail, Afro Pic, soft bristled brush.
 The type of comb you use (if you use one at all) is very important to maintaining the well being of your hair. So start by limiting your use of fine tooth combs unless you are using it for a one off style such as shingling. A wide tooth comb is your new best buddy, for detangling and sectioning, but if you need neat parts then a rat tooth comb is your ideal tool, but only use the tail part and on well detangled hair. Your Afro pick can be used for adding volume at the root and sectioning to as well as a pulled out full on Afro (once again on well detangled hair) . And finally your brush, now this is great for edges and slicking down edges and in the brush department their are a plethora of brushes that can provide different affects but don't get bogged down with all the different brushes just yet.
Shea butter, Castor oil, Spray bottle with conditioner, water and oil mixture.
And finally these are for moisturising your hair. The yellow blob is actually Shea butter I got from Nigeria. My hair loves it but look for what your hair likes. I usually mix my Shea butter with an oil so its not as heavy on my hair and scalp. The basic oils i would suggest for newbies are Olive, Coconut and Castor oil. and finally yes that's an old fabreez bottle, don't judge! Its spray function is actually really good at giving a light spritz, similar to ones used for plants.  I have several hair spritzes, dependant on what my hair is feeling/ looking like and what the weathers like. This bottle has a heavy mixture of 2 parts conditioner, 1 part water and 1 part oil (Coconut and Castor).

Okay so those are some basic tools but I want to also add a silk scarf or pillow case is a godsend and your fingers are an amazing tool also (just make sure your nails are trimmed and smooth so you don't go ripping out chunks of hair). below are a starter list of sites, youtubers and blogs to help you start up on your new journey. And some finally pieces of advise, fall in love with your hair ( you'll treat it better) and keep it simple.


Blogs and forums 
(now defunct but still a lot of good info in the archives) 


Txuna said...

This has been of soo much help. I am just getting used to my new regimen, but will defo be rotating around different conditioners to see which works for me.

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