13 March 2012

A Year Of Events...

Ola meninas!

Yes I have been M.I.A, but no worries, I'm still alive and kicking.

It's only hit me recently, that I would be spending a mass amount of dinheros (that's money) on dresses this year.
Something I don't do very often since I'm not a dress person.

The hunt for dresses is going to be one hell of a mission whilst trying to plan and organise my mothers 25th wedding anniversary.

I need to:

  • dresses for a winter 25th wedding anniversary for me and the girls (a collective decision of course),
  • help find my mama two dresses for her big day.
  • a dress for a spring wedding
  • a dress for a summer wedding abroad,
  • dresses for (x2) evenings at the Royal Opera House 
  • and, a dress for my partner in crime's mama's 50th anniversary.
For most... this would be a simple task. For me, a challenge indeed.

Let the games begin!



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