15 March 2012


For the longest I have been in two minds about whether or not I should join the natural side, and as of recently, I've been watching a lot of natural hair care videos on youtube and seeing images of natural hair girls which has been tempting me.

Cute cut and color 

I have always been a short hair girl all throughout uni, and went through several pixie cut hair styles.

But about a year and a half ago, I decided to stop with the short hair and 'try' and grow out my hair, whilst still perming it and wearing braids and weaves.

It grew, but at a very slow rate, and unhealthily, with a lot of breakages. 
Throughout the growth, I trimmed my hair a couple of times as it was growing unevenly quite frequently.
My hair genuinely doesn't respond to relaxers very well, and when I do relax it, it never relaxes fully and my hair tends still stay quite course and kinky as you can see below.

For the longest, my hair has not been its healthiest. It's about time my hair had some health and growth in its system.
The last time I permed my hair was at the end of summer last year, so I am tredding towards the natural side anyways.

So.... I have finally decided!


Which means I am going to have to chop of all my previously relaxed bits and start of fresh.
I will of course have a deep consultation session from our hair and beauty guru... boo!coco,  and once I have decided on my own personal hair regimen, I will share it with you guys.
I have already decided on doing the usual braids as my protective hair style whilst its still cold here in the UK.

So, farewell to the relaxer kits, and hello natural hair products.
Here goes my journey to healthy hair!


Afrikan Princess said...

So proud of your for going Natural girl ! You won't regret it.


Txuna said...

Thank you missy! you would be proud to know that I did the big chop yesterday. Still adjusting to it. :)

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