4 April 2012

Day 4:- ColourBLOCK shoes

So this DIY was prone to a lot of trial and error. Initially I tried paint but it didn't look how i wanted it to so I looked through my stash of material and found a sexy fuchsia scraps and was like 'this will work' . So this DIY was about the length of an episode of Single Ladies excluding drying time.
 So I started off with a pair of flats that just weren't cutting it. #Oldladychurchshoeswag
 So for this i used scrap material, a pair of shoes, my trusty glue gun, scissors and Mod podge ( I used the DIY version of 50% water 50% PVA glue, #TIP, test and play with your mod podge to get the right consistency as it may have a different finish and hold on different material.
 Firstly I removed the strap by cutting it off at the base.

 The Shoe already had a front section so i didn't need to measure, however if your doing it on a shoe that hasn't already got a sectioned off portion, measure from the mouth of the shoe rather than the tip.

 I then draped and glued the material around the perimeter and pulled it to make sure it was straightened out

This was the most fun part for me. Slap on the mod pudge. (If you were a kid in the 90's and know about Art Attack on CITV, you'll understand )
 Let it dry overnight, then trim off the excess. However I suggest using  smaller scissors to neaten it up

And Robert's your mother's brother (Bob's your Uncle for those who don't get it lol) 
Colour Blocking shoes. 

Til tomorrow 


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