3 April 2012

Day 3: Ankara Clutch - The Revamp

So this clutch is actually a travel pocketbook for your documents that my mum has had for like a billion years. It was falling apart and needed to go in the bin but my inner hoarder said NO STOP WE CAN STILL LOVE IT (seriously i need help). So I grabbed some ankara and my glue gun and gave it the loving it needed, while watching Nollywood. And it only took about 20 mins . 

All you need is your cloth, an old bag an adhesive (i'm using my trusty glue gun) and a pair of scissors (and a ruler is optional)

Begin by measuring your fabric leaving a centimeter perimeter 
Cut around your material 

 Glue around the seams that are already there and press your fabric onto the adhesive putting a book on it to mesh the two materials together.

 Seeing as it was orgininally a pocketbook for documents I had to cut out the tags on the sections 
 Next find your clasp
 And make a small incision and push it through 
 Any excess material can be pushed under the clasp to neaten and secure.

And Voila a simple clutch revamp. 


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