12 April 2012

Day 12:- Ankara Pockets

So searching through my wardrobe, i found this Maroon shirt which is several kinds of sexy and decided it could use a lil something something, so added it to my DIY pile. Simple yet effective in making it a statement piece.

you'll need 
a pocketed shirt (or if your badass do it with a pocketless shirt) 
Needle and thread 
Masking (or cellotape can be used)
Fabric pins
 Start off by using the masking tape to make a template of the pocket
then stick it to the the scrap material and cut around it leaving about quarter of an inch around the perimeter

then fold the excess material around the perimeter and flatten with the iron 

Remove the masking tape and pin the material to the pocket 

Sew around the perimeter 

And Voila 

Til Next time 


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