6 April 2012

Day 6-: Motherland Earrings

Hope everyone is having a Good Friday (see what i did there, I am so funny). I'm a believer in waste not, want not, so i use what i have available to me when doing my DIY's so with this one I had an old bag that had broken :(, some basic studs and figured they could be used for something so i kept them for ages (Hoarder behaviours) and it came in extremely useful for this DIY. Done during 2 episodes of Shuga (love this show and don't lemme catch Femi in a dark alley and violate him #'fineboy2dimples #sideeyeingmyself)

So I started off by cutting an outline of the Motherland, I traced around an image on my laptop.

Next I outlined the shape onto my old bag, to add a strong yet flexible base to my earrings
Next I cut around the material 
 Next I looked for interesting parts of the material to make the main focus of the earrings 

Then you guessed it, my trusty glue gun came out and I spread the glue out as evenly as possible then stuck the material down.
then cut around it, leaving about half a centimetre around the edge. 

I then cut little slits around the edge and 

Then began to stick each little section down (Warning: Busted nail alert!)

I then stuck down the backing material and snipped away the excess 
I made a mark where i wanted the stud to go and put a pin through both earrings at the same time so it would hit the same spot 

Next i took my earrings and slotted them through 
And added a little glue to hold them in place and Voila motherland earrings. 

                                                  (and yep bloggers still being a dick)

And Superwoman was kind enough to model for me, she a doll. 

Til tomorrow 


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