8 April 2012

Day 8:- Moo Moo to maxi skirt

So if you follow the blog you'll know I have a YouTube obsession and currently one of my favourite Yt shows is the couple. So when I saw this episode I died a little inside because i have a few moo moo-ish dresses and i love them but alas, if you want to take your moo moo from frumpy and comfy to sexy and comfy stay tuned. 

 Really blogger, still not rotating tssscchhhheeeewwwww 

 Anywho I started off by cutting off the arms and rounding the armholes to fit my hips, then cut across the neck in a straight line to make the top of the skirt. 

 Next I hemmed the top of the skirt 
  I used a simple whip stitch and might go back in with a tighter stitch
 On one side of the former armhole I added a zipper 

then I simply sewed up the other side a Voila ! 
 A lovely tie-dyed maxi skirt 

til next time 


Anonymous said...

OMG that's such a good idea. And that show looks really good. Good work.

boo! coco said...

Thanks hun glad you like it, peace.

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