14 April 2012

Day 14:-Shea Shower gel

Hi my name is Boo.... and I'm a Youtuberholic. So when one of my favourite diy youtubers Roots4U45 posted a video of how to turn a bar of castile soap into a shower gel , it was on like popcorn. So I tweaked it a little by adding Shea butter, and some oils. I would suggest you stick to Roots4u45's method, as mine doesn't lather up too well but it definitely cleanse and leaves me feeling moist (minds outta the gutter please), however be sure to check out the video. Shea scrub and sexy mix coming soon.
So you will need bar soap, a gallon of water, a bottle (or two), Shea butter (I used 100g but i think this might be the culprit in the lack of lathering) and glycerin. 

Add your glycerin to your water while its boiling
While the water is boiling you can grate or chop up your bar soap 
then add to your boiled water 
let the soap melt
 then add your Shea butter 

 once it's melted let the mixture cool 
Once cool use a funnel or a disposable (paper) cup to put into your bottle. 

til next time 


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