5 April 2012

Day 5-: The Head band

(Damn you blogger for not rotating my pics)

Another simple tutorial. Completed in one episode of Big bang.
So for this DIY you'll need :
strips of cloth and you guessed it im using ANKARA.
Sewing needle and thread
optional: Glue gun

 Measure your head
 Take away 5 inches from your head measurements and measure out your cloth 
Roll up your material to your desired thickness 

 Glue the pieces 
 Then cut off the excess 
 It should look something like this 
 add a little glue to the ends and flatten it 
 it should look like this after 
 repeats the steps with another material 
 sew them together (this was a little difficult because of the harden glue so a weaving needle was the best option )
 sew on the elastic ( I made it 4.5 inches long to make it fit better.
 now twist or braid if you've done 3 

 glue the ends together 
 add the elastic 
 to hide the ends I cut some scraps 

then glued it down 

for those who are a little fashion forward you can use it as a Nakimuli- esque necklace 
til tomorrrow 


Afrikan Princess said...

love it! Quite simple yet fashion forward.
Defs gonna try this


boo! coco said...

:) Let me know how it goes x

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