21 April 2012

Day 21: Adjustable turban (semi fail)

I call this a semi fail because it didn't quite turn out how I envisioned it, it looks more like a headband but oh well. But if you want to semi fail with me check out after le jump. 

 So you will need a tape measure, some elastic, some pins, scissors, needle and thread and Ankara  

So i started by pleating and pinning some ankara that i had measured 5 inches smaller than my head 
Then spread it out and pinned down the edges 

 then did a couple of stitches through both ends to hold the pleats 

 I then added 3 inches of elastic and sewed both ends together 

 Then i fan pleated and pinned some more fabric to cover the elastic 

 then sewed it around and Voila 

Til next time 


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