19 April 2012

Day 19:- Chain bracelet/ ring

(ASH ALERT, someone get this girl some moisturizer) 

So I have a 6 pack of necklaces, that I got from Aldo like 4 years ago and never even opened it, so in a bid to get rid or make use of I decided to make a chain gang bracelet/ ring. Quite simple and easy. Check out the DIY  below.

 So for this all you really need is a chain and some pliers but you can use scissors as well
 Start by removing the clasp if it has one and take off three links 
 Use that link to join the end of the chain to a point that allows for you to slip your chain on your wrist and mid-way on your forearm

 then leaving a little space make another smaller hoop that fits your wrist and attach it with one of the three links you removed

 using the last free part of the chain loop it around your finger so it fits loosely 
 then attach with the final link 

it should look like this 
 and Voila 
you have a sexy chain/ bracelet/ ring thing  

til next time 


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