13 April 2012

Day 13:- Massai Inspired Necklace

 So I've been in love with these Maasai necklaces since forever and love the symbolism behind it and wanted my own (no cultural appropriation). The colours are symbolic and they are usually made from beads but mine is made from string ( gotto work with what I got). Tutorial after the jump.

Start off with some thick string and loop it 4 times (more for thicker, less for thinner) and make sure to measure the length around your neck 
  Knot the top with a separate piece 
 and begin winding the string as tight as you can 
 when your done it should be quite pliable so mold it into a circular shape 
you should know the deal by now MOD PODGE THAT SHIT ( to keep the shape

 Once dry start to paint the sections, make sure you check out the colours meanings before applying (yup i used nail varnish, it drys hard)
(no jokes about me needing to paint my nails please)

Leave it to dry and Volia 

 (seriously blogger are we still on this tsssccchhhheeeeewwww) 

Til Next Time 


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