3 April 2012

Day 2:- Knee High Boots To Ankle Boots

This is a really simple DIY and a perfect chance to transform some of your winter wears to spring ones. 
I've had these blasted boots for ages, but being the hoarder that I am, I couldn't simple throw them away. So what to do with hideous boots, you ask......turn them in to ankle boots. 

Firstly find the seam of the boot and if yours have a really low one then create one a little further up. 

Then cut all along your seam.

Next try on the boot to see how the ankle fits and ifs its to large measure how much space you would need for a snug fit and make a crescent at the back of the boot then cut  along that crescent you made.

Next pull the cresent down to the point you have measured  and either glue or sew it down along with the rim of the mouth of the boot an Voila instant ankle boot.

Warning: If you are using a glue gun please be careful, I have lost skin to that bloody machine. 

Anyway Til tomorrow 


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