6 July 2010

Work for you

Well after the crazy Wireless weekend it was back to work. Five hours sleep and a cup of tea later and I still felt sleepy and itchy from the bug bites grrrrr! I'm not sure if I was dreaming or just in deep thought at my desk but I got into this discussion with myself about my career... I am so happy to have got this new job that relates to my degree but what path am I following now.. how am I going to get the most out of this, so there are fewer steps to my dream career- which is what again?? Ahhhrhg! Trey Songz says it best- I just wanna be successful!

I can never keep too much in my head so the next day out came the verbal diarrhoea to Xuna and we were discussing our interests in Public Sector careers, where it takes time to get to the big bucks and also this magazine article I read about these women who have Portfolio Careers where they can have flexible work patterns and earn lots of extra cash! Whether they came across it by accident or pursued the change themselves these women had about 3 or 4 career paths that reflected both their skills and personality. Lyande, age 25 who earns a total of £2300 a month from her 3 jobs described it as "a fantastic way to work towards my dream without throwing financial security out of the window. I never want to think: what if I had tried this?' Now I can explore everything" We said to each other this is the answer! Lets do ittt! Then we realised we are halfway there!!! This is more of a life style blog than a fashion blog but we take pride in our appearance and like to express ourselves by putting our individual style twist to what we wear. In other words we like to look hott! In between the jobless behaviour we look around for items (some vintage) that we sell on to fellow fashion victims so they can put their own unique stamp on it.

CHECK OUT OUR SHOP... (its still under construction so feel free to ask any questions) http://www.senseofashion.com/88backwards

How to get your own portfolio career for those who are not doing this already: - Ask yourself if you can live with a flexible cash flow. Are you motivated? do you have lots of energy? List your top achievements and pick out the recurring skills. -Ask your boss if you can do a 3 or 4 day week and use the rest of your time to start something new. If not start doing additional work in the evenings/ weekends to try a variety of jobs. -Start building networks- list people who can support you. You'll need help materially, financially and emotionally. -Think like a freelancer. You are the CEO, MD, secretary, finance director and tea lady in one. Always look for opportunities. and remember your life is a reflection of your thoughts.. -Get online with your own website and document your interests -Keep an eye on your health and always make time for relaxing, not only will it keep you sane but it will mean you have enough energy to stay professional.

google portfolio career for more info GET OUT THERE AND SHOW THE WORLD YOU'RE AMAZING !

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M I N G said...

I love your tips! & the little shop, has so reaaaaaaaally cute items.

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