5 July 2010

In between the sun sea and sand...

Ola! Well like tuna says we are back.. sorry the blogging has been on hold for a while but look forward to lots of random updates from now on. So lets rewind back to holiday. LOVED EVERY SECOND... I could live in Lisbon.. such a beautiful city and the beach wasn't far as well. The men are romantic and the women have great bodies- I guess because of all the hills- no need for the gym! Even after just one week we all came back skin glowing, toned and energised. Only thing about the food- they are not big on potatoes! lool. There are lots of stories I could tell but I am at work and should be working lol, soo for now I will just let you see our mini photo shoots and foolishness we got up to in between the sun sea and sand :D
Well after I got rash to get out of my bed that is....!
OLAAA LISBOAA!!! We are here!

If y'all wanna know what we are wearing or you want to see more pics theres another 1,983 so just ask :D


M I N G said...

OMG! Looks like so much fun!

me :D said...

yes it was! so many adventures in only 1 week. few more of the pics coming!


oh my gwad i want all those shoes, you look cute!

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