5 July 2010

Wireless Festival 2010 Baby!

So.... The day I have been waitin for came! whoop whoop. Me and the girls (plus our fairies) headed off to Hyde Park for a the summer music fest - WIRELESS FESTIVAL.... and must I say, 2010's line up was amazing!
Head liner was Jay Z and he was just amazing! He really worked up the crowd! There was also UK artists performing, Tinnie Tempah, he was amazing with his live band! We were all hyped on pass out, Stacey's fave professor Green was there too, Lily Allen, Ghana's finest was in Awe when she saw D12, but what I came for originally (although Drake had flopped) was my baby J COLE!!!!! aaaaaarrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhh

Originally... I had just heard a few of his tracks and was only properly introduced to him by a friend, and fell in love with 'Dreams' and 'Loosing your Balance'
But it was only until seeing him perform live yesterday, that I had fallen in love with him. Lyrically talented and just a sweet heart, J Cole (suprised himself) was welcomed by a large crowd of serious fans here in the UK, after (quoted by himself) thinking he only had 5 fans here!
Overall.... the festival was amazing excluding the bottle throwing and dirt.... oh and we can't forget staceys broken sandles...hahahaha but defo looking forward to it next year!


M I N G said...

You guys seem like your always just having tons of fun..

Xuna said...

lol... indeed.. it keeps you young too.

''Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take - but by the moments that take our breath away.'' Hilary Cooper


me :D said...

J COLE groupie has been created whoop whoop! xuna stalk down his site and find out those gig dates. we will b there ! ;)

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