19 July 2010

Trendy Toddler!

So its Monday.. Time to swap my leather jacket for my blazer..

I had a great day yesterday. Went to visit some family in oxford, in particular my gorgeous god daughter! It had been too long and we had so much to catch up on ... Her new puppy, her birthday plans and fashion of course! O and she's 2yrs going on 33, I mean 3 yrs old by the way. As I painted her nails with her choice of Rimmels 'green with envy' to match her dress (her words not mine) it got me thinking fashion victims are getting younger and younger! I remember the days I would be happy skipping about in an aunties hand made dress with a matching cardigan. These days babies are rocking skinny jeans!!

Maybe I'm just hating on trendy toddlers but is it time we thought about how are obsessions impact kids and go back to basics ? Or is it best kids are introduced to the fashion world sooner rather than later?

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wauw I love that nailpolish!

nice blog!

xx fesi-fashion

me :D said...

thanks chica! nothing like metalics to brighten up the day ay x

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