30 July 2010

Ate logo Londres, Ola Luanda

As much as I love to travel, I severely hate the process of it! All the waiting, the check-in, the lugguages. It's all too much for me! Right now, we are waiting here at heathrow airport for the check-in to begin... I soooo wanna sleep bahhhhhhh! Everyone is all scattered around the airport sleeping... I just can't do it... Lol Anyways meninas, u will here again from me once I settle in Luanda! Ate logo xoxo Sent using BlackBerry® from Orange


M I N G said...

I love traveling too.. but I like the process too. hahaa.. I love it all! : ) & I like that zebra luggage.

boo! coco said...

safe journey Homie

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