8 July 2010

Things to do before I'm 30

So... I just got to thinking about an article Diva and I were reading on the plane to Lisbon titled, '75 things to do before you die', we both concluded we need more adventure in our lives, and above all enjoy it! Last week, a friend of ours returned from her year long Erasmus exchange trip where she studied abroad in two different European countries, and seeing her and hearing about what she got up to made me slightly jealous and want to pack up and book a flight somewhere. To top things up, on her arrival back here in london, she wasn't content with things here, so booked herself a flight to Italy just to get away a bit. :o jealous again?! No, I'm just annoyed at the fact that I am too scared to pick up the courage to just book a flight randomly out of the blue and just go away. I always seem to have things planned, know where I am going, why, what I'm doing and time to prepare it all. On top of that, we have another friend over from France who just randomly turned up in London after heading back to her home town in Toulouse to find that there is nada for her to do there. So she booked herself a one way ticket to London to find work and see where it takes her. I need spontaneity in my life! And this is the best time in my life to do it all, while I am still young, not settled and tied down with a family and committed to my career/dream job etc. So here... I have devised my own 20 things to do before I turn 30 and settle down:

* randomly book a flight to whatever destination I am feeling at the moment and do me! / better yet, get a map of the world, close my eyes and point to a place. That's where I will go haha

*visit rio, Brazil during carnival season!

*vacate to Martinique, Guadalupe, Angola (will do so in couple of weeks time) Cuba, Cape Verde

*go skinny dipping!

*learn to speak spanish fluently like a real latina lol

*fly first class to Abu Dhabi (sex and the city stylee)

*go to a large music festival (Done)

*explore London properly like a tourist (I don't even know my own city, appalling)

*ride on the back of a motorbike dressed in leather (preferably a cat suit)

*live in another city for at least a few months.

*Have my own business!

*go through that aggressive scene angelina and brad pitt went through in mr and mrs smith where they were fighting each other in their house than randomly start making out! :D

*get over my fear of water based creatures (snails! Slugs, jelly fish, worms.... Oh god :s :(

*eat 10 cheeseburgers one after the other! :D can't wait!

*try surfing (again)

*win the lottery! (Hopefully - se deus quiser)

*buy my own place! My nest my home my castle mine mine mine!

*get on the property ladder!

*see him, want him, get him and keep him! :)

*Get my dream job!

*get married somewhere special

*add a few more to my list! :p

When I have my family! I want to be able to look at my to do list and be able to check everything of and say... Yes, I did it and no regrets. Sent using BlackBerry® from Orange


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