22 July 2010

Gowns and Mortar boards

Soooo Graduation day finally came and despite all the worries and troubles .. the day was like a page in a storybook, worth the wait! Its so important to recognise your achievements whatever they may be and the ceremony did just that, as much as I want to blow up the damn university, for a moment I felt part of something to be proud of :D All the men looked smart for once and nearly all the ladies followed the beauty is pain commandment in their heels. I noticed as I watched the shoes go by that there were some ugly flat ones but the majority of ladies added a splash of personality with their heels, which is what I love about fashion- we may all be wearing the same uniform whether its our skin colour, eye colour, body shape or gown and mortar board but you can always shine! I'm not usually a fan of rules and tradition but i felt so comfortable in my graduate uniform- i could rock the gown all year round!! Wear it 99 different ways-team it with trousers and boots in the winter or a cute dress and heels in the summer and you're ready to party like its 1899! hahahhaah ps. mortar board is that hat thing if anyone was wondering :D


Lady Me said...

Congratulations! :)

me :D said...

Thank you !

Xuna said...

congratulations wifey!!!!! this is only just the beginning!!!

love you!

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