6 July 2010

Going Back To Short I Go...

Hi5 to Stace on the work for you post!!! I myself have concluded that I am a lady of leisure as well as career focused woman... I just got to find that equilbrum where I can combine the two. Anywhooodiloo.... If you know me, you'd know for sure that I have been going through a battle with myself over whether I should leave my hair to grow out or keep it short. As of recently, I have kept my hair in extensions in an attempt to grow it out after about 4 years of wearing it short. However, I'm having severe withdrawal symptoms and want to yank out my extensions anytime I see a girl with a great hair cut. And what makes it worse right now is that its summer, and I am dying under all this hair! I've even diagnosed myself with an allergy of weaves... Help!!!!
In conclusion, my mum settled it all for me. She told me I need to stop fighting with myself, and just do me and whatever I am comfortable with. :D
So short hair it is....
In a few weeks, I will be traveling again. This time to my motherland, Angola, for a whole month! So I need to figure out what sort of hair regime I will be doing out there as my hair will be out and short.
Oh the joys of being a woman.... lol


M I N G said...

I think I'm about to go and wash, and cut my hair short.. right now. I've just been inspired =]

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