25 July 2010

Super Sweet Birthdays!!!

Hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday!
So my birthday came and went by and I did my best to do something very minimal as I vowed after my 21st that I will not do anything grand. It only draws more attention to the fact that I am getting older lol.
On the actual day, I spent the day shopping with my cousin then stopping off at Jamie Oliver's new Italian restaurant in Westfield, where my mummy treated us all. We then headed back home for some good old cake and some more family. It was more of a celebration of my next steps in life; turning 22, finishing Uni... What next?? who knows?!
Friday just gone... My lovely friends treated me to a lovely picnic in a park in Central London then free drinks at Moose Bar (that's how we do) and then we moved onto a club. The night was relaxed and chilled, how I like it, with my close friends near by! :D Simples!
It was only till just about 10 minutes ago, after watching a marathon of My Super Sweet 16 (which I've never watched before) that I started getting annoyed by all these little brat kids having huge birthday celebrations to show off to class mates and the world that they have it all! yeah, I know, I'm hating!
But still!
These kids are getting BMW convertibles, Rolexes, luxury apartments, £20,000 worth of jewellery, the list goes on, for their birthdays and I'm sitting in my living room shaking my head in disbelief!
My parents have brought me up to work for the things I want in life. Don't get me wrong, they spoil me too, just not to that extent where kids throw a tantrum when the don't get what they want.
I am empathetic enough to know what my parents have been through to get the money they have today, and would hate for them to be forking out money constantly just to please me.
Half these kids are so spoilt that they know that whatever they want, they can get it whenever they want it.... If I had ever demanded to my mum the way they do, I know I would have gotten her back hand! lmao
Anyways, their parents have the means to support their lavish and expensive lifestyles, so good on them, I just worry what it means for these kids, if and when it is time for them to stand on their own two feet in the real world, where they have to work with other members of society, because already communication between these kids and other people besides their friends (who are mesmerized by their richness) are disgraceful where by the don't even talk to people but rather talk AT them as if they are insignificant beings to them!
Anyways, I'm ranting on about nonsense here, So I'm off to eat,
Catch you ladies later!


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